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Software That Can Make You Richer

24 November 2012 No Comments

Meta TraderWe buy software for any number of reasons, and with the popularity of apps currently soaring this is something we do more and more these days and often on a whim. Whether it’s to entertain us (Angry Birds), to inform us (Kindle), to help us be more productive (Windows), to help us find our car (FindMyCar) or to make us look sexier (Photoshop) we can turn to software to answer a huge number of our needs.

But software can do more than just that, it can also help to improve our lives in more substantial and long lasting ways – and this can include making us wealthier. Like the sounds of downloading a piece of software and then becoming richer as a result? Thought you might, here then we will look at some programs and apps that can help to improve your bank account.

Market Trading Software

There are few more effective ways to become wealthier than to play the stock market or get involved in day trading and being a success. This way, by making a few wise transactions you can potentially become a millionaire or billionaire in hardly any time at all, but by the same token you also risk getting it wrong and ending up broke. In other words then you need to make sure that if you are going to take this route that you do everything in your power to be as successful as possible and to improve your chances of getting it right. One way to do this is by using market trading software, which is software that can help by advising you on the best purchases to make using methods such as quantitative analysis, and which can help you by tracking particular stocks and shares, trading automatically, or triggering alarms when the value of a particular stock reaches a pre-set amount etc.


How can Excel help to make you richer? Well actually in a number of ways depending on how you want to use it. Use it to keep track of your expenses for instance and this is a quick way to pay less on your taxes thereby saving yourself a fair amount of cash.

If you want to get more advanced though then you can also consider using your spreadsheet software in order to handle some basic financial modelling. This basically means using it to input all of your incomings and outgoings in order to get a visualization of where precisely your money is coming from and where it’s going. You can then potentially a graph in order to look at projections so that you can see how much money you might have in the future if you continue at this same rate, or you could try altering aspects and seeing how making these changes in real life might alter your finances.

Cash Book Apps

Cash books are a fantastic idea because they enable us to keep track of precisely where we are spending our money and how much we should have. The only problem is remembering them and actually carrying them with us – which is why having a digital alternative on your phone is so incredibly useful.

Romeo Handley, the writer of this article brings a unique perspective in whatever work he does. He is currently working with the Share Wealth Systems, who provide educational support and coaching to their client in order to know the trading software better.

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