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Review of PureVPN

purevpn reviewPureVPN uses a comprehensive approach of data encryption over internet providing freedom without compromising on data security and privacy of user. You are left with no worries about what you are doing online or who is keeping a check of your data activity. PureVPN protects your online browsing activities and keeps your identity anonymous as it encrypts the transmitted data and then re-routes it from its own remote servers. Thus, it helps you to access restricted websites from any location without the information getting intercepted and keeping your network location completely hidden.

PureVPN leaves a mark for itself with great speed, comprehensive installation and guidelines of its software. Despite some loopholes like absence of “Zero Logging” it caters the needs of majority of its users. You can get fastest streaming over all devices with excellent placing of servers worldwide. You can extend your business by securing digital media via hidden IPs and encrypting the communication channel used by the personnel. It has a wide global network coverage having 500 VPN servers which are located in 141 countries.

PureVPN Features

  • PureVPN supports all major encryption protocols which can be used for connecting to their accounts namely PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, SSTP, SSL and OpenVPN. All of these provide different features.
    PPTP provides 128 bit encryption and is supported by large number of devices and is a common protocol used in Windows. It provides high speed connection, but due to its low level encryption, it is less secure and sometimes leads to unstable connections.

  • L2TP/IPSec provides a 256 bit key encryption for secure connection and the connection remains stable on every device and networks. It can easily bypass restrictions imposed by ISPs or networks. The connection speed gets impacted due to additional security.
  • OpenVPN provides a highly secure 256 bit key encryption and uses digital certificates for authenticating data. It can bypass all firewalls and also provides very high speed secured connection.
  • It allows you to connect 5 simultaneous devices such as laptop, PC, tablet and smartphone from your account at once which marks it apart from the rest.
    • It has got a wide global network coverage with servers present in 141 countries covering a total of 500+ servers.
    • It provides a total of 80000+ different IPs to which you can connect.
    • It allows unlimited server switches and you can easily switch from one server to another server instantly any number of times.
    • It has designed its software for installation on Windows, Linux and Mac. Apart from the desktop application, it also offers dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS devices which can work with the exact efficiency as the desktop application without any noticeable speed loss.
    • It offers Customer support service via various methods such as live online chat, Support Tickets, Forums and FAQs. The live chat option is provided on their official website and is accessible all 7 days in a week so that you can contact the Customer service representative to get your query resolved at the earliest. You can also open a Support ticket easily to get your query answered directly in your mailbox. In order to fix your issue at the earliest, the tech experts can also login to your PC via remote desktop from their software and can quickly resolve the issue.
    • It doesn’t offer any trial period to try out its services for free. But it does provide a 7 days Money back guarantee during which you can test their services. But, in order to get a full refund of your money, you should not have used more than 500MB of bandwidth and should not have connected to more than 30 sessions.
    • It provides special features which are hardly provided by any other VPN in the market such as NAT Firewall, Smart DNS, DDoS Protection, Split Tunneling and Stealth Browser.
    • The Company comes under the jurisdiction of the laws of Hong Kong.

    Prices and Plans

    PureVPN has got 3 different plans for its customers as per their needs and requirements.

    For using the services of PureVPN on a monthly basis, there is a plan of $9.99 per month. This plan would only be feasible to buy if you want to render PureVPN services for a short duration such as for watching a TV show or a grand sports event.

    The second plan is for $7.99 per month if you want to use the services for 6 months. This will avail you a discount of 33% over the monthly plan.

    The third plan is for $4.99 per month for those who wish to use the services of PureVPN for 1 year. You can save a total of 58% if you chose this long term plan instead of the monthly plan.

    We would suggest you to opt for the plan offering 1 Year subscription at $4.99 per month because by going for this plan you would not have to worry about getting your plan renewed every month which will save your time. Also, the services being offered in all the three plans are exactly the same like unlimited data transfer and access to all the servers and there is no difference in them.

    Though you are not offered any free trial of PureVPN but you are provided with a 7 day money back guarantee in which you can get a hands on experience on its services and if you are not happy to continue then you can opt out of the services within 7 days from the subscription date by submitting a cancel request form and you would get full refund of your money. Please note in order to get a full refund of your money, you should not have used more than 500MB of bandwidth and should not have connected to more than 30 sessions during that period.


    High speed and unlimited data transfer: It has a decent speed to access any website and mostly shows an uptime of around 99.99%. It provides unlimited bandwidth usage to its customers with no worry of going over limit. PureVPN supports file sharing and P2P on a lot of servers except in US, UK and Australia.

    Easy to use and personalized customization: Since it supports all major protocols which includes PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN, therefore, it is highly secure and at the same time does not compromising with the security of the user. According to your connection type either secured or high speed you can easily configure it to suit your needs. Moreover, you can customize it if you want advanced options like type of encryption protocol, IPv6 leak protection, Kill switch, and DNS security.

    Advanced features like Split tunneling and Virtual Router: It has an excellent feature called split tunneling which makes it possible to have selective data transfer i.e. you can decide what to allow or disallow through VPN. Virtual router being the other salient feature allowing you to convert your desktop or laptop to a router which can allow simultaneous connections to 10 devices.

    5 simultaneous connections: You are free to connect up to 5 different devices from your account. Most of the VPNs provide 1 or at most 2 simultaneous connections, thus PureVPN helps in protecting all your devices in home network individually.

    Covers 141 countries with 500 servers including China: It offers faster, secured and reliable connection for accessing restricted and prohibited sites in most parts of the world including China than any other VPN service provider. It is one of the very few VPN providers having reliable worldwide coverage and having servers located in mainland China. It mainly covers countries like US, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan etc.

    Low priced and supports multiple platforms: When compared with many highly priced VPNs it comes out to be cheaper and works on all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. With manual set up you can run it on devices such as Boxee, Ruko, PS3, Apple TV etc.


    No free trial: PureVPN doesn’t offer any free trial for its customers and you need to spend a minimum of 9.99$ for using its services for a month.

    Inefficient customer support: Though it offers 24/7 customer support and responds pretty quickly to your queries, still you don’t get answers to many of your questions in a timely manner and their technicians are not able to solve all your problems quickly.

    Expensive add-ons: Though it has many extensions like NAT Firewall and Dedicated IP which can be added to your basic services, it will increase your overall price for the VPN and the final offered price proves out to be very expensive. Every add-on costs around 3-5$ each.

    Recommended Uses

    PureVPN has been rated as a reliable, safe and secured VPN all over the world. It covers a total of 141 countries with 500+ servers. It provides excellent features such as NAT Firewall, Smart DNS, DDoS Protection, Split Tunneling and Stealth Browser which can bypass the geographical restrictions and censorship being imposed in various countries including China. It allows you to have 5 simultaneous connections from your account which is one of the best features of using it.

    They have a well maintained customer support and a FAQ page. You can contact them via Live Chat, Support Tickets, and Forums. It has reinforced its data encryption features with many protocols. It never compromises on security and privacy issues. Your identity remains anonymous and you can safely access your web content without compromising your online freedom. It helps you browse data privately by hiding your IP address from online trackers and ad networks.

    Overall, PureVPN proves out to be the ultimate choice as it has got great speed connection, completely secures the data through encryption protocols, allows up to 5 simultaneous connections and safe internet browsing to enjoy your internet freedom. It provides you great quality and speed at a considerate price on a range of devices.

    PureVPN would be an excellent choice in terms of quality, speed, internet safety and privacy. Truly with all these features it is a top-notch VPN provider among its major counterparts. There are no hidden terms of service or clauses which will land you in trouble afterwards.

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