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The New 13 and 15 inch Retina Display MacBook Pros: Should You Enter the Macbook’s Walled Garden?

11 December 2012 No Comments

MacBook Pro with a retina displayThe Macbook Pro is Apple’s top-of-the-line product. First introduced in 2006 and now in its third-generation, unibody aluminium guise, the Macbook is one of Apple’s most sought-after and hyped products. Now the Macbook is available with Apple’s new innovation: the retina screen. Essentially, a retina screen contains the maximum amount of pixels visible to the human eye, meaning that anything viewed on a retina screen should be indistinguishable from viewing an object in the real world with the naked eye.

Apple’s newest 13 and 15 inch offering come with 2,560×1,600 and 2,880×1,800 pixels respectively. Both laptops have dropped the optical drive, which makes them comparatively lightweight when considered against the older models.

As is to be expected with Apple products, you are absolutely forbidden from upgrading these laptops. The RAM chips are soldered in place and fixed at 8GB. The 13 inch version of the new Macbook retina series comes with an SSD card that you can’t remove either.

One major burn of purchasing either of these products is of course – the hefty price tag that you must pay to enter Apple’s walled garden of delights. The baby 13 inch version retails at $1,800 dollars for a 8GB hard drive. You’ll need to throw down an extra $1,200 dollars to upgrade to the 256 GB hard drive. By comparison, the 15 inch version is better value for money out of the pair. With the 15 inch version you will get much more memory for only $200 more. However, these beautiful computers do retain their value when the time comes to sell your macbook pro.

Now, the retina screen has received almost unwavering gushing reviews. You can literally see why. The text is free of pixels and images are as crisp and clear as 20/20 vision on a beautiful summer’s day. The retina screen is indeed the stuff of poetry and you might have had a chance to try it out already on the new iPad.

Macbooks are still the laptop of choice for those individuals looking for the original clean, clear and fun user experience from their computing. However, you will pay heftily for the privilege. One recommended cheat is to try and upgrade with Samsung SSD cards to boost your laptop into the big league of high-spec and high capacity laptop devices. We like the new Macbooks, we just don’t really like the price. Have you bought one yet? Tell us what you think below in the comments.

Cassandra Hobart is a Macbook fanatic and tech writer living in London. She just started a blog series on how to buy and sell your macbook.

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