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How to get a Free Laptop [It Doesn’t work anymore]

How to get a laptop for free: Questions & Answers

Important Disclaimer: the following strategy was outlined by the previous owner of LaptopHQ.org. Even if it could maybe work in 2007, we don’t think this can work now.

So, you have really made up your mind to get a free mobile computer. We strongly suggest that you read these questions and answers. They will give you an idea of what to do if you really want to get cool electronics for free on the Internet in 2007.

Q. People on forums say that the whole buzz around free laptops is a hoax. How can any company afford to give out laptops for free and not go bankrupt?

A. Beyond all doubt, those that write this just don’t see the whole picture of how things work. If you’re like most people, you may have some doubts, too. Let us explain what makes this whole program possible.

First of all, it’s perfectly real and completely legit. There are global agencies that gather marketing data for big banks, merchants and insurance companies. These companies obviously have huge budgets to fund their market research. This makes it possible for people who agree to participate in their deals to get various freebies: laptops, cell phones, iPads or other gadgets.

“What are these deals?”, you might ask.

The deals can be free trials, paid trials or market surveys. You just need to know how to play your cards right and actually get the freebies. Hundreds of people have already gotten free cool laptops; you can be the next one!

Q. Why does your site keep saying there are no free laptops available in my area?

A. We strive to provide only the best experience to our visitors but our program can periodically be closed when there are no legitimate offers available in your area. Unfortunately it is not possible to tell when a particular offer will be available again. In such a case you can try to choose another laptop brand, or wait until we re-open our program. The number of free laptops is limited, so you should sign up NOW in order to take advantage of the current offer and grab your chance to get a free laptop.

Q. Can I actually get a free laptop from this site?

A. Absolutely! It is not LaptopHQ that offers free laptops though – this is done by our advertisers. We do our best to select only those advertisers who you can trust, and the companies behind this offer are absolutely legit and offer proven ways to get a free computer of your choice.

I believe that with the help of this page, once you complete all the requirements of our partners, you’ll be able to get your new laptop delivered right to your doorstep by a UPS driver. Just follow the steps outlined on the merchant’s site and you’re all set!

Q. Will that be a used, damaged or refurbished laptop?

A. Absolutely NOT. This program is not for used, damaged or refurbished laptops. You will get a brand new, unopened, shiny, fully functioning computer of your selected brand, such as Sony, Samsung or Apple.

Q. Is this offer somehow related to “One laptop per child” campaign?

A. No. They are a non-profit organization with a mission of providing free low-end laptops to children in poor countries. The former promo is open to US citizens only and provides them with free high-end laptops, which is obviously more compelling.

Q. I heard something about a “Free government laptops” program. Is this it?

A. No. There are indeed various governmental programs, such as “Free laptops for students,” “Free laptops for military,” or “Free laptops for disabled people.” They are funded by government and give away mediocre laptops to those who can’t afford them. Contrary to those, the program featured on this page is run by commercial organizations. So, no matter if you belong to one of categories listed above, you can certainly get your free superior laptop here.

Q. What exactly are the offers that I would have to complete in order to receive my gift?

A. The offers may vary from one advertiser to another, but generally they include things like free trials, or participation in other, related programs. The best thing I can suggest is just to browse through the offer pages of the site after you have input your shipping information. There you can assess whether you are interested in a given offer. Perhapt some offers may be not worth your efforts to complete it. Go for other ones then. Depending on your area, there can be different set of advertisers who sponsor the free laptop giveaway at any given time.

Q. I have answered all the questions on this page and was brought to the referral-based site with Apple products that asks me to find other people in order to get the piece of electronics that I chose. Did I do anything wrong?

A. This can happen because you’re currently located outside of the US. For international users, the only way to get a free laptop is by completing one offer at the merchant’s site and finding the required number of referrals that would do the same.

Q. As I complete offers, how do I need to keep track of my activities?

A. You should absolutely track your conversions, registrations and purchases. It is in your best interest to do that. I recommend that you use an Excel spreadsheet, similar to the one that I have uploaded here. Input all the offers that you chose to complete and all the associated information in a spreadsheet.

Then, once you have completed the offers, check your account regularly. When the offers get verified, mark them as so. Some of the offers might require you to make a purchase or subscribe to a trial membership. Be sure not to cancel them right away before they send the notice to the incentive site that you have completed this deal. You may even want to keep your subscription after the end of a trial period if you like any particular offer.

Q. Can I register twice and receive two free laptops?

A. Each individual incentive site only allows one account per household per email per IP address. In fact, if you create more than one account at any given site, this can be grounds for suspending your existing account. The good news is that that you could register on other sites for more free laptops, tablets, or other cool stuff.

Q. If I register at two different sites for two different laptops, and they require me to complete the same offer, am I allowed to do that?

A. No. The offers that you need to complete are presented on a “first time customer” basis. If you have completed a given offer at another gift site, you are not allowed to do it again. This can be regarded as fraud and can result in account suspension.

Q. Can my family member also register and get a laptop?

A. As long as they are not living in the same household as you, they certainly can.

Q. How long will it take me to get my free laptop?

A. You can expect your laptop to be received within 14-21 working days after you have completed all required offers and they have been validated. Of course, it’s possible that it will arrive quicker.

Q. I heard horror stories of people who signed up to some other “free electronics online” offer and got nothing.

A. I’m not saying this is 100% truth, but, perhaps, these people tried to cheat the system in some way. They might have thought they could get away with submitting false information, referring fake friends, signing up multiple times under themselves etc.

You must carefully and completely read the rules at the site of a company that organizes the giveaway and follow them. Believe me; the advertizers have been in business for quite a long time and are able to detect fraud easily. Don’t risk your account getting banned through your own malicious actions.

Q. How do I know if I qualify for this free laptop offer?

A. This free laptop offer is open to anyone. Whether you’re a student, a disabled person or in the military, you can apply. The only thing though is that you must be a US resident of 18 years or older to get free stuff online, and these are the only requirements for your eligibility.

Q. In order to get a free laptop, I am supposed to input my personal information. Will my information be kept safe?

A. Of course. As it is stated in the privacy policy of the company behind this offer, all the information that you input in order to get a free laptop will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold to any 3rd party advertisers.

Q. Do I have to pay taxes on the gift?

A. I would have loved to say that you don’t need to, but unfortunately, according to the US tax law, the laptop you are getting will be considered as a taxable gift, and thus you would be obliged to pay the gift tax. So, although you are not paying anything for your laptop, you would still have to chunk out a certain amount of money since Uncle Sam still wants his share of it.

Q. What are the tech specs of the free laptop?

A. You can select a laptop from one of 4 models, and tech specs may vary depending on what laptop model and brand you pick, but either way this is going to be a killer machine. You can expect your free laptop to come with an Intel Core i5 CPU, 128 GB SSD and 6 GB DDR3 RAM.

Q. What if, by the time I qualify to get a free laptop, it is out of stock?

A. Although this situation is not very likely, there is still such a possibility since the laptops are going like hot cakes. In such an event, you can settle it with the freebie company to send you a Visa gift card or a check for the monetary value of a laptop.

Q. I don’t want to do any surveys, is there any other way to get my laptop?

A. Actually, it is also possible to get a free laptop if you agree to become a game or other computer software tester, and we periodically feature these kinds of deals. The thing is, it’s not the easiest job to get because they only need so many people but the lure of getting a free laptop is strong so if you’re short on cash and you need a computer you might want to look into it. They’ll want you to do more than just browse the internet so you can really put it through its paces and make sure it can handle what the average consumer is likely to do to it. Luckily, it doesn’t really require any particular skills other than a willingness to use your computer frequently.

We recommend you like this page and check back periodically to see if this kind of deal is open for your area.

Q. What about laptop sweepstakes?

A. In it, indeed, possible to enter various contests and sweeps for free laptops. As a matter of fact, we periodically feature them on the main page of LaptopHQ.org blog. However, these are obviously less reliable and have an even smaller chance of earning you what you crave. If the only thing one needs to do is tweet or like a facebook page, you can bet there will be thousands of other people doing the same. It is still worth a look for the desperate folks out there.

P.S. This is basically all there is to know about the free laptop offer for now. Let us know how you’re progressing using the “Contact Us” link below and send us the photo of yourself with the laptop you have received. We’d really like to hear your success story.

For technical support and other issues regarding completing the offers, please contact the guys who organize the laptop giveaway at their phone number or email, and we’re sure they’ll be glad to help you with getting your excellent free laptop computer.


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