Breaking news! Now that the new iPad 2 is out, we've discontinued the free iPad v.1
promo and are now giving away brand new iPads 2 for FREE.*

Get a totally FREE iPad here! Please note that ew're not giving away version 2 iPads, not the earlier free

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Free iPad 2 Offer: Q&A

Whether you already have an iPad v.1 and want to upgrade it to iPad 2 for free, or you just want a tablet but don't have several hundred bucks laying around, you have come to the right place. If you were interested in obtaining a free iPad 2 and looking for the best way do get it, the information provided here will surely help you get a new iPad 2 for free!

There are many places on the Internet that claim to send people free electronics. There are offers that are legin and easy to complete, there are also ones who promise a lot but don't deliver anything. With hundreds of people consistently getting free electronics from Consumer Incentive Rewards, the company behind this free iPad offer, it has proven to be dependable and truthworthy, and I do believe that you can easily get your free tablet from them!

Q. So, will I get a free iPad 2 or old iPad?
Since there are no v.1 iPads left in stock, the promotion was recently relaunched to offer users the newest iPads 2.

More Q&A to be added soon...

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